At PIXEL DESIGN AND BUILD we make each home truly custom made and all design creation and work is done in-house. We believe that the key to buyer satisfaction is builder performance and it is our goal to provide the highest quality in all areas of the building process. From designing the floor plan to the selection of paint colors, and everything in between, you get the best of what you want and how you want it. We are here to help our clients enjoy and better understand the building process. We strongly believe that you deserve the very best when it comes to design and quality in all areas of your home. You dream it, we build it. As home builders, it’s not just about blueprints, nails and plywood but visions that can be build with our help. Our passion comes from knowing that we’ve carefully managed, protected and added value to your home – your most important financial and personal asset – and that we’ve become trusted friends and advisors, not just home builders, for all improvements to your property. There’s an extraordinary reward that comes from doing this kind of creative work that brings such personal fulfillment to families. That is why we take the time to listen to our clients – to tune in to precisely what is most important to them and make their dream come true.

About Us.

Sam (sia) began in the home construction business in the early 1990's and became proficient in that trade, including a promotion to project manager and the right hand man of the president of a general contracting company.  When the company relocated to southern California, Sam was implored to move there and spearhead the company efforts in the south. However, by that time Sam had gained significant exposure to design and art world, there was no turning back. The color and design aspects of the interior and exterior of homes fascinated him as he saw great potential for growth in that field.  On realizing this, Sam opted to enroll to university to learn graphic & industrial design and as an added bonus took some courses in associate science of architecture. While still in the pursuit for more education and experience he began working in the Graphic industry as a designer.  He was a quick learner and in no time at all he had mastered all aspects of the Design color and art. In the spare time that he had, he was falling back on his knowledge of construction and designing and remodeling small cottages and houses in the bay area (flip houses). By year 2005 he had designed and remodeled numerous flip homes and was master at construction management and all aspects pertaining to working with the city through plans and permits. In 2008 the market housing crash made him fall back on his design skills and recently he got back in to what he loves the most, his style in graphic and industrial design and architecture. It is this that makes PIXEL DESIGN AND BUILD a unique and different from the others in the market.  

What we do.

  • New construction & luxury homes

    Pixel Design and build has been building Luxury homes in the bay area. We work with the finest craftsmen who are best at what they do. functionality is at the core of everything Pixel creates. Energy efficient construction is part of every project at no additional cost.

  • Remodeling & Additions

    Whether you need to add a home office, master suite, Or you are tired of your old kitchen and bath Pixel Design and Build can provide these services. We will design, build or renovate your existing room to meet your needs and budget. Have your mind at ease and count on team Pixel to solve all your home repairs.

  • Investment Projects

    With the economy expanding and markets improving, house flipping in the bay area is gaining a lot of traction, Outstanding investment experience in flipping homes in a short period of time for big profits is what we do best. We work with our clients to plan out their projects for the best possible out come.

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